What is an Interventionist?

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An interventionist is a professional who helps individuals struggling with addiction to find the treatment they need. Interventionists are trained to assess and develop individualized plans of care, facilitate group meetings, and ensure that patients receive the resources they need to maintain their recovery. Interventionists are often employed by family, friends, or loved ones to  help someone suffering from addiction to begin their journey toward sobriety. 

The Role of an Interventionist 

An interventionist’s primary role is to provide the necessary support for someone in active addiction whose family or friends are deeply concerned. This includes providing education about addiction, guiding discussions about treatment options, helping patients develop a plan of action, and connecting them with resources such as counselors, therapists, and support groups. 

What is the Intervention Process?

  • Gathering background from relevant parties
  • Determination of the type of intervention or facilitated meeting that will best match the situation
  • Selection of an appropriate interventionist or team
  • Preparatory discussions with family members, employers, and/or advisors
  • Discussion of appropriate boundaries to be implemented if the client refuses help
  • Selection of residential or outpatient services to be offered

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The Benefits of Working With an Interventionist 

Working with an interventionist can be extremely beneficial for those seeking help for loved ones with addiction or substance abuse issues. An interventionist can provide invaluable guidance throughout the entire process—from initial assessment through treatment planning and follow-up care. Additionally, many interventionists have experience in other related fields such as mental health counseling or social work, which means they are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to help individuals achieve lasting sobriety.  

Interventionists play a vital role in helping those struggling with addiction find the help they need and begin on their path towards recovery. They are experienced professionals who utilize evidence-based practices in order to provide each client with tailored care that best suits their individual needs. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction or substance abuse issues, consider reaching out to an interventionist like O’Connor Professional Group today.

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