Glen Harnish

“GlenGlen Harnish is a Case Manager at O’Connor Professional Group. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from Connecticut College and is pursuing an education in both coaching and clinical social work. Glen takes a compassionate, client-centered approach in his work. He focuses on clients’ adaptive strengths, and believes that “the best way to get rid of weeds is to have a strong garden.” Glen has worked extensively with dual diagnosis individuals struggling with addictions, problems with time management, motivation, procrastination, anger and avoidance issues. He helps clients develop systems, strategies, and tools in order to manage their lives more effectively. Also, models positive interactions and behaviors. His interests include rock climbing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, hiking in the white mountains, stacking rocks on the beach, and mountain biking in the woods of the greater Boston area. He leads meditation centered recovery groups in Cambridge, MA. Glen also serves as a volunteer member of the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health Internal Research Board (IRB) which reviews protocols of researchers seeking approval to enroll patients in research projects.