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Finding Hope in Recovery: Chris Herren Shares His Journey

Feb 16, 2022

Chris Herren is a former professional basketball player, and even more than his sports history, he is a man in long-term recovery who uses his story to inspire others. He has spoken to over a million students, athletes, and community members about substance use prevention. Diana and Chris discuss his addiction journey, the importance of early prevention of substance abuse, and the need for family involvement during recovery. Listen as Chris shares his inspiring story and his heart for helping others in their sobriety journey. 


  • [01:30] Chris Herren’s childhood and his first introduction to drugs
  • [06:44] How substance abuse began for Chris
  • [08:19] The moment of clarity and how families are impacted 
  • [13:45] Chris’ advocacy work
  • [15:28] A different type of wellness program
  • [19:05] How fame impacts substance abuse
  • [21:35] The challenges of working with others in recovery


  • There is an emphasis on the worst day of drugs rather than the first day. The first day is something that’s been overlooked. It’s important for parents to see where addiction begins. 
  • It’s so important to intervene early rather than waiting until someone hits “rock bottom.” If we can, we should avoid that term because it’s callous and is used carelessly. It’s prevented a lot of people from intervening early. 
  • Families should be a part of the recovery process of their loved one. When families get on board, they can influence the possibilities of somebody else. When families are included, the person who’s struggling can catch up.
  • Sobriety gives you an edge in life, but because of the stigma that’s attached to addiction, nobody really wants to say what sobriety does and what recovery does for people.



Facebook: @chrisherren24 I Twitter: @c_herren I IG: @c_herren_

www.herrentalks.com / @HerrenTalks

www.herrenproject.com/ @HerrenProject 

www.herrenwellness.com/ @HerrenWellness | Twitter: @Herren_Wellness

 | IG: @Herren_Wellness


Chris Herren, a former professional basketball player, has built a community around substance use prevention and recovery. As a person in long term recovery, Chris has spoken to over a million students, athletes, and community members since 2009, sparking honest discussions on the topics of substance use disorder, and wellness. Chris continues to share his story nationally with a renewed focus on prevention education and challenging audiences to rethink how we look at the disease of addiction, changing the focus from the last day to the first. In an effort to further the message, The First Day film premiered in July 2019 and is available for download with a screening guide or educational toolkit and lesson plans through the website: www.firstdayfilm.com. Chris celebrated 13 years of sobriety on August 1st, 2021, and is here to talk to us about his journey.


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