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Preventing Overdose Through the Use of Testing Strips With Michele Lea

Oct 5, 2022

Fentanyl poisoning is currently the leading cause of death for 18-45-year-olds and we need to start having conversations about it to bring more awareness. Today, Michele Lea shares the story of her brother who tragically died from an accidental overdose. The truth is that many of our teens and loved ones are struggling with substance use. It is crucial to educate them about the dangers of substance abuse and to make test strips readily available to possibly save their lives. Tune in to learn how to help with this problem plaguing America.


  • [1:16] Shifting our vocabulary to “poison” instead of “overdose.
  • [2:22] The story of Michele’s brother.
  • [7:58] A standard treatment protocol often does not work for neuro-diverse kids.
  • [10:08] How can we help this massive problem?
  • [14:36] The healthcare system is failing in treating addiction.
  • [18:29] We need to educate people about the dangers of drugs and get testing strips in the hands of those using drugs.


  • “Poison” is oftentimes a more appropriate term than “overdose” because it is intentionally added and just a small amount can kill.
  • It’s time to start having conversations about lacing drugs with Fentanyl. It’s the leading cause of death in adults under 50 and we can’t solve the problem if we aren’t talking about it.
  • Making test strips more readily available will save lives.


Michele Lea is a former NBC journalist and Digital Managing Editor who found a new passion when the heaviness of the world overpowered her love of sharing information with the world. During her time at NBC, she spearheaded digital and social efforts, and admittingly still spends most of her career convincing people about the importance of social media and digital marketing. Today, she is the President/CEO of Imagine Social Media, where she helps businesses create the right blend of digital marketing products and services to elevate their brand.

In her spare time, she uses her voice and social media presence to be an advocate for domestic violence, mental health awareness and more recently, with the loss of her younger brother, the dangers of Fentanyl poisoning.

Michele is a single mother of four grown children and currently resides in both Raleigh, NC and New York. 


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