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Resiliency: The Healing Power of Our Words With Dr. Kain Weaver

Dec 28, 2022

Today, we are joined by Dr. Kain Weaver to discuss the power of words, especially when recovering from a medical condition. Dr. Weaver experienced a stroke at the age of 28 while in his first year of residency. Defying the odds, he survived the stroke and learned lessons he hopes to implement in the medical world. Because of his hospital experience, the power of words spoken to patients became evident. After being told he would never be a doctor or even get back to the life he was living, he pushed through. Although his life looks different, Kain is now in his fourth year of residency. Tune in to hear his miraculous story of healing and his outlook on how words can impact patients’ healing process.


  • [1:30] Did Dr. Weaver know he wanted to be a doctor before his stroke, and how did the stroke impact his decision? 
  • [2:28] What did he learn most about care while being a patient? 
  • [6:11] What would he say as a doctor had it been his patient?
  • [7:18] What situation brought Dr. Kain Weaver’s focus on words of kindness?
  • [11:55] What are the barriers he wants to see removed? 
  • [14:08] What conversations does Dr. Weaver have with patients about finances? 
  • [15:45] What work is he doing now during his fourth-year residency? 
  • [17:00] What area of medicine will Dr. Weaver focus on when he completes his residency? 
  • [17:44] What are the changes he hopes to see?


  • Tearing down someone, whether a patient or anyone in your life, through words such as “you can’t do that” or “that will never happen” is incredibly disheartening and negatively impacts the patients’ experience. Use uplifting statements to allow the patient to see possibility and have hope. 
  • Doctors can benefit from being on the patient side of the room. It could create a significant change in the way that patients are treated. The patient is more likely to be seen as an actual person versus as just another medical issue to fix. 
  • There are many financial options available to patients. Ask questions to see what’s possible. Some more affordable medications can work just as well as the more expensive options and save patients a lot of financial hardship.



Beyond the Balance Sheet Website

The WholeHearted MD


Dr. Kain Weaver graduated from Mercer University School of Medicine, Savannah, GA. He is currently in his 4th year of residency training specializing in Psychiatry in Charlotte, NC. He will graduate residency in 2023.

Dr. Kain Weaver has experience in stroke and brain Injury advocacy work. He has been featured in podcasts sharing his story and the lessons he learned as both a doctor and a patient. He gave a graduation commencement speech focusing on resilience at Georgia Southern University.

His goal is to graduate residency and work in outpatient psychiatry. He will continue sharing his story and life lessons to help others become resilient while they face adversity.


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