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Secrets in the Suburbs: One’s Journey to Recovery

Feb 2, 2022

Peter Hogan shares his story of growing up in a high achieving, privileged suburban area outside of Boston, and how he discovered substances at the young age of 12. Peter opens up about how he struggled to find his identity and how he discovered himself through his recovery journey. Listen as he talks about his experience in treatment and how his daily routine practices help create a path to long-term recovery.


  • [01:17] Peter’s story and discovering substances at an early age
  • [06:13] How Peter’s parents responded when finding out Peter was struggling with substance use
  • [09:02] Peter’s experience with treatment
  • [14:32] A new identity 
  • [15:50] Daily routines and growth 
  • [18:38] Advice for parents who have children struggling with substances


  • In Peter’s experience, when kids are at a loss of where they fit in in the world, being someone who is using substances can create its own identity. It takes 30 seconds to become that person.
  • Everyone is capable of long-term recovery when there is a desire to take ownership of their future.
  • Successful treatment experiences can lead to finding your tribe. You can find your identity and form relationships with others that have a similar goal in mind. You can form your new identity and form relationships based on the identity as a sober person.
  • It’s normal for parents to want to protect their children and help them. Sometimes the best help is to give them a sense of ownership and responsibility in their life as they enter sobriety.




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