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The Consilium Process: Divorce vs. Restructuring With Heidi Webb

Jun 30, 2021

Heidi Webb has been licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and before the Federal District and Appeals Courts since 1986. In today’s episode of Beyond the Balance Sheet, we talk all about the different ways to restructure a family besides the typical divorce. Heidi likes to work backward with her clients by encouraging them to think about where they want their families to be in ten years, and then devise a plan from there. In addition, Heidi explains how the consilium process differs from a regular divorce and the importance of restructuring a family to keep control. Tune in as Heidi talks about what consilium looks like for families with kids and families with complicated financial situations.

In This Episode:

  • [01:55] The differences between a consilium process and a typical divorce.
  • [05:50] What happens after families go through the consilium process.
  • [12:10] How consilium works when there are complicated assets and business ownerships.
  • [17:30] When children are involved, the parents need to explain their place in the family system.
  • [21:45] During consilium, neither partner will be at a disadvantage.
  • [27:50] Hopefully, the way we do divorce will change drastically in this country.

Key Takeaways:

  • When thinking about a divorce, work backward and decide where you want your family to be ten years from now.
  • The consilium process will let you understand your options carefully; that way, you can restructure how you want your family to act.
  • Your language is reflective of your thoughts; talk about consilium as a way to take control of your family.
  • People change and grow over the course of ten, twenty, and thirty years. If you don’t stay aligned with your partner, it’s not a failure.

Meet Heidi Rachel-Webb

Heidi Webb has been licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and before the Federal District and Appeals Courts since 1986. She joined her family’s law firm, Webb, Webb and Martin, established by her grandfather in 1912 and developed her practice primarily in the area of family law, representing parents and by appointment of the Court, children, as both an attorney and as Guardian Ad Litem. Heidi is trained as both a Mediator and a Collaborative Attorney. In 1998, pregnant with her third child she decided to develop a solo practice so as to accommodate her lifestyle as both a mother and a lawyer. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Heidi received her Masters degree in Education from Harvard University where she concentrated in Counseling and Consulting Psychology.

Heidi is a Family Law Section Council member of the Massachusetts Bar Association, Chair of the Members Committee of the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council, a member of the Social Law Library, and has served as an elected member of the Middlesex County Bar Association. Heidi is involved in community and civic activities in the western suburbs of Boston and throughout Massachusetts. She recently served on the fundraising committees for Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts and for The Commonwealth School, and is a Board member of the Webb Innovation Center for Dyslexia (www.wicd.org). Her pro bono work includes volunteering with Senior Partners for Justice, the Medical-Law Partnership, Lawyers Representing Children, and Lawyer For the Day in both Middlesex and Norfolk Probate Courts.


Heidi Webb on Twitter
The Consilium Path


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