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The Importance of Purpose: Finding Your Why and Your How With Anna Hall

Aug 24, 2022

Today’s guest is Anna Hall, the creator of The Purpose Equation®. Throughout this episode, we discuss the importance of purpose and defining your how and your why. Anna breaks down what purpose is, and how people can go about finding their purpose through her signature equation. Anna says that knowing your purpose equation can determine how to move through life. She believes people’s purpose(s) can shift throughout their lifetime through different milestones. Later in the episode, Anna provides excellent advice for parents supporting their children to determine the child’s purpose by getting curious about their interests. Tune in today to learn about individual purpose and how to create meaning and joy in everyday life.


  • [1:50] What does the word “purpose” mean?
  • [3:23] What is the purpose equation? What are the components?  
  • [6:37] How does the purpose equation translate to practical things?  
  • [13:22] Is there a natural time when people re-define their purpose? 
  • [16:15] What is the linkage between mental wellness and a sense of purpose? 
  • [13:18] What should parents look  for if their children have experienced trauma?
  • [16:15] What is the linkage between mental wellness and a sense of purpose? 
  • [23:53] How do families and parents talk to their children about purpose? 
  • [28:55] What is Anna’s purpose?  


  • Purpose is not something that you do. What you do is an output of who you are and your why.  
  • Everyone has a purpose. Everyone has the power within themselves to make a difference in the world.  
  • What does your child love? A parents’ job is to help unpack WHYs in the activities your children love. Focus on having your child figure out WHO they are, not what they will do. Try to remove SHOULD.  


Anna Hall’s LinkedIn 

The Purpose Equation Website 


Anna was a teenager when she volunteered at a nursing home in her hometown of Hanover, NH. It turned out to be her first step along a 20-year course focused on improving quality of  

life for older adults. Along the way she has deployed and managed programs, services, and technologies with that aim. As she gained experience, she developed enrichment programs for older adults living in All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC), independent, assisted living and memory care settings. 

She led CCRC and Skilled Nursing engagement programming for Brookdale Senior Living, the largest senior-living provider in the country. At Connected Living – a social impact company dedicated to connecting older adults with community and family – Anna served as the Chief Purpose Officer. She informed all aspects of the business, from product development to sales to operations, and realized that she loved creating and consulting at the intersection of technology, engagement, and culture. Throughout her career, she has witnessed how purpose builds resilience and improves wellness. Her mission has become helping people define and activate their purpose – in life and work.  

In 2018, Anna began building The Purpose Equation®, an evidence-based framework that guides individuals to discover their unique Purpose. The Purpose Equation® LLC launched in July 2021. The framework she invented is the basis for programs and workshops that are designed to identify purpose, spark joy, and personal growth – at any age and in every moment. 


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