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Our trained, compassionate sober companions (also known as therapeutic recovery companions) provide day-to-day support for those in recovery from substance abuse or those living with challenging mental health symptoms for disorders such as severe anxiety or PTSD. We understand how living with behavioral health concerns can turn daily tasks into major challenges. Whether you are struggling to go to work or a social gathering, or are having trouble balancing day-to-day activities with clinical/therapeutic needs, our sober companions are here to help you regain the confidence and freedom to live life without worrying about these limitations.

O’Connor Professional Group is a concierge service and does not accept insurance. We do our best to help clients find treatment providers who accept insurance.

What is a Sober Companion?

If you have ever wished that you had a helping hand or compassionate ear when your behavioral health interferes with your daily life, you have felt the void that a therapeutic recovery companion can fill. These professionals provide intensive support on a long- or short-term basis and accompany you throughout your day. Also called therapeutic recovery companions or therapeutic coaches, sober companions offer a sense of safety and stability and to help you to work through difficulties when tasks become overwhelming.

Sober companions come from a variety of backgrounds, including clinical or medical professions, residential or outpatient recovery settings or social services arenas. Their skills and qualifications often include medication management, coaching, rehabilitation experience, or personal assisting.

What a Sober Companion is Not

Unlike full-time caretakers, companions are not responsible for controlling your actions or dictating your schedule – they provide support and advice as you learn to handle day-to-day responsibilities and to be fully accountable for your actions. Their goal is to help you build your independence at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Is a Sober Companion Right for Me?

If you find your daily life is limited by your mental or behavioral health symptoms, you would likely benefit from the help of a sober companion or therapeutic coach. Sober companions are particularly helpful for those who are:

  • Transitioning out of residential treatment
  • Unable to participate in a residential program due to work or personal responsibilities
  • Temporarily traveling and away from their usual support system
  • In an unstable stage of life like a career shift or location change
  • Attending an event with known triggers
  • Participating in other treatment during the day (e.g., intensive outpatient programming, therapy, etc.) but could benefit from more support at other times of day

Sober Companions at OPG

At O’Connor Professional Group, our therapeutic recovery companions are trained to provide intensive support to a range of individuals. In addition to more long-term help, our sober companions can also be used on an ad hoc basis — out-of-town business trips, attending a family event with a client worried about known triggers (e.g., alcohol at a wedding), or monitoring someone in a hotel until a residential bed in a facility becomes available.

Our sober companions are also available to facilitate safe transports for clients. We handle travel logistics and the sober companion accompanies the individual through potentially stressful situations (e.g., traveling to treatment centers), ensuring their safe arrival at the intended destination.

OPG sober companions are:

  • Available nationally and internationally in a timely manner
  • Knowledgeable professionals capable of rapidly developing rapport even in the most challenging of circumstances
  • Supported by an administrative infrastructure that allows for smooth logistical planning, service coordination, and client safety
  • Trained and supervised closely by OPG clinical supervisors
  • Collaborative with multidisciplinary teams that may include advisors, lawyers, clinical professionals, family members, and/or employers
  • Matched to a range of clinical needs, personality profiles, and interests
  • Skilled at navigating high-risk situations and troubleshooting client crises
  •  Able to fulfill short-term (1–2 days) and long-term (weeks or months) assignments

Find a Sober Companion Today

If you or your loved one might be in need of a sober companion, call us today at 617-221-8764 to get started.

O’Connor Professional Group is a concierge service and does not accept insurance. We do help our clients find treatment providers who accept insurance. 

Selected OPG Sober Companion Locations

We are here to help, wherever you are. This list is only a small selection of our nationwide availability to provide support to you and your family. Contact us today to find the sober companion nearest you, or click one of the locations below to learn more.

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