oconnorpg-header-consultationIndividuals and families interested in our services often begin with a consultation with
one or more of our team members. Our team members meet with clients and their families/other support system when appropriate, to gather the following information: history of symptoms and behaviors, previous treatment, family history, risk level, and level of functioning. If the client has existing clinical providers or is leaving residential treatment, OPG team members will request documentation and information from those providers. We will generate a list of recommendations, assign OPG professional(s), and price services for the family and/or individual to review. The cost for the consultation is nonrefundable, whether or not the client signs on for services.

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Given the many choices in behavioral health programs and providers, it can be difficult to discern the most appropriate and reputable treatment option. OPG remains current on changes in the field by visiting treatment centers and utilizing our extensive network of professionals, allowing us to connect clients to clinically appropriate, high-quality, residential programs.

During a treatment placement consultation, OPG professionals gather background information and treatment preferences from any or all of the following people: family members, clinical professionals, and the person with the behavioral health issue. We review available psychological testing and/or diagnostic assessments to obtain a comprehensive clinical picture. Based on the information obtained in the process, the OPG professionals generate a report with recommended treatment options and will help facilitate admission to the facility.


For clients presenting with several co-occurring behavioral health issues or who have a complex family system issue (e.g., shared assets), OPG offers a comprehensive team consultation. Initial information from family members and clinical providers (past or present) will be gathered and the OPG team will select relevant specialists to participate in a thorough evaluation. The consultation will result in a detailed report with recommendations for appropriate treatment services and resources and providers for the individual or family in their local area. Consulting around appropriate governance language for trust documents can also be included with this service.

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