Scheduling a consultation is the first step to starting services. Consultations provide an opportunity for our professionals to assess the needs of our clients and begin to create a customized care plan. It also helps us to assign care team members who are best suited to a client’s personality and clinical needs.

We offer both in-person and remote consultations welcoming individuals, families or other support system members to participate in the process. Our team’s goal during a consultation is to gather information including:

  • Desired outcomes for the client and family members
  • History of symptoms and behaviors
  • Previous treatment
  • Family history
  • Current risk issues
  •  Level of functioning

If a client has existing clinical providers or is leaving a residential treatment facility, OPG team members will request documentation and information from those providers. We will generate a list of recommendations, assign OPG professionals, and provide estimates for services that the family and/or individual to review.

Consultations also provide an opportunity for the client or client’s support system to ask any questions about our team or services. Our consultation staff are experienced members of our team and are happy to field inquiries.

Treatment Placement Consultations

For clients seeking assistance in finding the treatment program that is right for them, we offer consultations for treatment placement services. Given the variety in type and quality of treatment programs, it can be difficult to decide which is the best facility for oneself or a loved one. OPG leverages an extensive knowledge base of facilities and professionals nationally and internationally to place clients in the best possible facility. Regardless of where clients are located, we can connect you with the right resources. OPG remains current on changes in the field by visiting treatment centers and utilizing our extensive network of professionals, allowing us to match our clients with clinically-appropriate, high-quality programs.

During a treatment placement consultation, OPG professionals gather background information and treatment preferences from any or all of the following people: family members, clinical professionals, sponsors or coaches and the person with the behavioral health issue. We review available psychological testing and/or diagnostic assessments to obtain a comprehensive clinical picture. Based on the information obtained during the consultation process, OPG professionals generate a report with recommended treatment options and facilities that provide them.

We will also assist with admission to a client’s chosen facility or program and can help with other care options if availability is currently limited.

Multidisciplinary Team Consultations

For clients presenting with several co-occurring behavioral health issues, personal or social concerns (e.g., high-profile careers) or who have a complex family system issue (e.g., shared assets), OPG offers a multidisciplinary team consultation. Our staff consists of administrators, doctors, clinical professionals, case managers, social workers, and more who are available to assist in creating a personalized plan for the needs of each client and those close to them. If you are seeking advice from a number of professionals, we can create a team with the specialization you need. Your team will work together to provide a comprehensive plan.

Initial information from family members and clinical providers both past and present will be gathered, and the OPG team will select relevant specialists to participate in a thorough consultation. The consultation will result in a detailed report that includes our professional recommendations for services and providers. These recommendations may consist of treatment facilities, outpatient programs and providers. We can also provide guidance around appropriate governance language for trust documents as an included part of this service.

Contact O’Connor Professional Group

If you or your loved one might be in need of any of our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule your consultation. Our concierge-style approach means that we are equipped to take address every aspect of the care process, from researching treatment options to helping guiding you and your loved one through admissions process, as well as providing transportation. We are ready to match you with the right services to make your treatment and recovery experience as seamless as possible. Call us today at 617-910-3940 to get started.