Executive Coaching

oconnorpg-executive-coachingHigh functioning individuals with complex and dynamic lives can go through periods of increased stress and decreased productivity. They often struggle with balancing personal and professional obligations, and may need assistance in developing a structured, sustainable schedule. OPG’s Executive Coaching Services can facilitate and help to re-establish productive educational and work habits. Sometimes, our Executive Coaches help clients to reassess whether their educational or career paths are well matched to their skill sets. In other situations, they encourage clients to create long term visions, and work intensively with clients to break down their vision into concrete, short-term steps. OPG Executive Coaches offer both emotional support and accountability to clients as they navigate their way towards more fulfilling vocational futures.

Below is a comprehensive list of possible services; an initial consultation determines which services are appropriate for a specific case.

• Discussion of past work and educational history with client, employer (if applicable), advisor (if applicable) or other support team member (as deemed appropriate)
• Review of current educational and vocational plan and the fit with client’s goals, clinical and lifestyle needs
• Assignment of an Executive Coach to provide guidance through regular in-person or remote meetings, as well as frequent phone contact
• Location of vocational pursuits (e.g., employment, educational or volunteer opportunities) and healthy lifestyle activities for client (e.g., yoga, academic, outdoor activities, artistic pursuits)
• Creation of an Executive Action Plan with short and long-term goals, and tracking of progress
• Development of Executive Functioning Skills (e.g. support of the initiation and management of tasks, developing the ability to self-monitor)
• Guidance around time and stress management techniques (e.g., creating balanced behavioral schedules, supervising difficult tasks, teaching stress management strategies, providing prompts for task completion)
• Assistance with completing projects (e.g. family foundation administrative tasks), developing business plans, or filling out college/job applications
• Implementation of healthy practices both inside and outside of the client’s professional life with a focus on self-accountability and productivity
• Assessment as to whether additional clinical resources (ex. therapist) are clinically indicated; identification of providers if deemed appropriate
• Weekly updates to key stakeholders, family members, advisors or employers
• Crisis management and after-hours support