Family and Employer Services

home-gOPG offers coaching and supportive services to family members, advisors, or employers as either, an integral part of case management, therapeutic coaching or companion assignments, or as a separate service when an individual may not be ready to engage in treatment.

ArticleParents and Their Role in Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Our coaches have a wide array of backgrounds and provide psychoeducation about relevant diagnoses and guidance about being empathetic, while still implementing limits and boundaries. They also provide support during crises. Coaching can be done in person, via phone or through a secure web portal and services can be tailored to apply to family members, employers, advisors, and other professionals.

Below is a comprehensive list of possible services; an initial consultation determines which services are appropriate for a specific case.

  • Psychoeducation about addiction, eating disorders, mood and personality disorders, or other mental health issues
  • Referrals to family-focused therapeutic resources and groups
  • Strategies for setting boundaries/using therapeutic leverage to encourage behavior change
  • Tracking engagement of the identified person in treatment and reporting of progress
  • Assistance in managing crisis situations (e.g., relapse), with after-hours support
  • Facilitating communication within the family, business, or advisor system
  • Assistance with problem-solving when approaching high-risk situations (e.g., family/ social events, holidays, returning to work/school)
  • Support for daily logistics (e.g., insurance interface, funds disbursement)
  • Strategies for resource allocation for a person with a behavioral health issue (e.g., advising on governance language for trust documents)
  • Development of family, employer or advisor behavior contracts, with clear expectations for all parties
  • Guidance for employers or advisors about a range of topics, including starting difficult conversations, developing realistic return-to-work expectations or managing someone with a behavioral health issue

Customized Workshops

Our workshops range from PowerPoint presentations on diagnostic risk within a specific family system to experiential, prevention-based workshops. They can be used on a proactive basis when a family, advisor, or an employer wants to facilitate an open dialogue, or after a crisis as a planning tool for the future.

Possible topics include the following:

  • Struggles with Launching the Next Generation and Strategies to Support Families
  • Psychological Costs of Affluence
  • Teenage Behaviors: What’s Normal, What’s Not
  • Parenting: Overcoming Hurdles and Maintaining a Close-Knit Family System
  • Proactive Parenting: What to Know About Addiction, Mental Health, and Eating Disorders and Your Child
  • Preserving Family Assets and Relationships: Addressing Addiction and other Behavioral Health Issues as an Advisor

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