Intensive Offerings


When a client is able to spend time working with care professionals without distractions, the time spent is often more productive and leaves a longer-lasting impression. In these instances, OPG offers an array of short-term experiences for individuals and their support systems called intensives. These options combine didactic teaching, experiential learning, and clinical services. Topics range from supportive transitions from residential programs to in-home support.

Intensives are tailored to the profiles of clients and can be offered in a location that is accessible for the client such as the home or community. Professionals who may be involved in an intensive might include an array of specialized coaches (recovery, vocational, meal support, executive functioning), clinical specialists (family therapists, DBT clinicians, trauma-focused therapists) and lifestyle professionals (nutritionist, personal trainer). Intensives include a full and varied schedule of health-related activities that encourage the client to build constructive habits and learn sustainable skills for a better, more balanced life.

A client’s OPG case manager will coordinate all aspects of the intensive, arranging appointment and logistics as well, if desired, accompanying the client to meet with care professionals. The case manager and client will agree on a weekly schedule and regularly re-evaluate the care plan to ensure the program continues to meet the client’s needs.

Sample Schedule

7 am ……………….. Check in with Case Manager (in person or phone)
7:30 am ………….. Breakfast
8 am……………….. Mindfulness instruction
9 am……………….. DBT Skills
10 am ……………… Rock climbing session
12 pm ……………… Lunch
1 pm ……………….. Job coaching
3 pm……………….. Meeting with individual therapist
5 pm……………….. Attendance at a local self-help meetingSupport System Intensives

OPG offers intensives for the benefit of a client’s team or loved ones (e.g., family, partner, advisors, mentors). These intensives are particularly helpful in preparing for a transition in a client’s treatment, such as a move from residential treatment to home or from full-time care to independent living. Those involved can learn how to best support the client at this time and what to expect in the transition process.

OPG will send a coach or team of professionals who are matched with the clinical and personal needs of the situation. Potential intensive topics are customized to the needs of the support system and profile of the client and can include the following:

  • Education about a relevant diagnosis or complex combination of diagnoses * Full review of a client’s clinical history and family’s long-term planning efforts to help the client navigate these issues, effectiveness of various interventions, gaps in clinical services, previous challenges with compliance
  • Overview of the milestones, challenges, and potential warning signs of a worsening condition that families/support team members should anticipate during a period of transition
  • Discussion of the effect of client’s behavioral health issues on a support system
  • Practice setting healthy boundaries, with development of behavioral contracts as appropriate
  • Coaching around behavioral interventions when applicable
  • Support around managing logistics (e.g., financial management, transportation) * Facilitated team meetings with client upon arrival
  • Guidance in navigating responses to a client’s challenging behaviors
  • Family or team education around how to support clients with eating disorders (e.g., how to talk about food, body image, etc.)
  • Assessment and planning around emotional and environmental triggers

Support system intensives can be delivered in the home or the community. The topics covered and professionals involved are customized according to client need and defined through an intake process.

Wilderness Intensives

For clients who need to take a step away from the distractions of everyday life, these intensives can be a holistic care experience. They are designed to challenge clients’ minds and bodies simultaneously, combining rewarding physical activities with an introspective, meditative setting.

OPG provides these intensives in both group and individual settings. Clients are accompanied by trained care providers and wilderness experts to ensure these intensives are conducted safely and productively.

Activities include:

  • Camping: hiking, fishing, and cooking classes (solo experience possible)
  • Rock climbing: single pitch, multi-pitch, and bouldering
  • Water-based: whitewater and flat water rafting and/or canoeing, sea kayaking * Skiing/Snowboarding: international adventure and service trip based on philanthropy, outdoor pursuits and cultural diversity

Activities are designed to fit clients’’ personal interests and capabilities, and are not limited to the list above. Clients are encouraged to talk to their facilitators about their comfort levels to ensure a beneficial wilderness experience.

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