home-tInterventions can be used for a wide variety of diagnoses and desired outcomes (e.g., inpatient treatment, outpatient supports or behavioral change). The approach and assigned professional(s) depends on the circumstance and presenting clinical issue(s).

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OPG gathers background information on the situation from referring professionals, clinical providers, employers, advisors and/or family/support team members. We generate an initial proposal for the specific intervention protocol, based on an array of clinical and logistical factors.

Sample Intervention Process:

  • Determination of the type of intervention that best fits the situation (e.g. an invitational model or a surprise model)
  • Selection of an appropriate interventionist or intervention team, ideally with expertise in the diagnosis and background of the individual
  • Preparatory discussions with family members, employers, and/or advisors about points of leverage and what boundaries can be set if the individual declines the support offered
  • Identification of residential or outpatient services to be offered
  • Discussion of who will participate
  • Guidance around how to write an intervention letter
  • Review of intervention letters (if appropriate)
  • Selection of an appropriate facility
  • Coordination of admission logistics to the facility
  • Determination of appropriate follow-up services regardless of whether the client accepts help
  • Intervention rehearsal
  • Intervention
  • Follow-up services (e.g., transport, family coaching, case management, companion services)

Families or other professionals should recognize that an intervention is the first step in the therapeutic stabilization or recovery process. Whether or not the individual accepts help, it is essential for the concerned parties to remain invested in supporting the recovery process for the individual. Many families and professionals benefit from ongoing, long-term services. Read about our Family, Advisor, Employer Services.

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