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If someone close to you is in struggling with substance abuse or a mental health disorder and it’s causing a strain with close friends and family, the time might be right for professional intervention services. Our dedicated team of substance abuse and mental health interventionists understand how hard it can be to want to help someone you care about while not being sure how to discuss treatment without making the situation worse.

Choosing a professional intervention rather than staging the conversation on your own makes the process easier for everyone. From removing the burden of organization to conversation coaching to arranging treatment, professional interventionists offer the necessary expertise to promote safe and positive outcomes. Our behavioral and mental health interventionists are certified clinicians that offer years of training and practice with a variety of intervention types. They are here to work with you to ensure a productive and respectful experience that places getting your loved one help above all else.

O’Connor Professional Group is a concierge service and does not accept insurance. We do our best to help clients find treatment providers who accept insurance.

Professional Interventions with OPG

The specific approach and assigned professional(s) for your intervention depends on the circumstance and presenting clinical issue(s), including but not limited to:

  • Substance use disorders
  • Process Addictions
  • Mental health disorders like depression or anxiety
  • Personality disorders

We will pair you with an interventionist or a treatment team who best fits your needs and your group’s specific personality. Our intervention team is here for you from start to finish, from putting logistical piece of an intervention in place, to coordinating a care plan. To give you a better idea of what to expect when working with substance abuse or mental health interventionists from the OPG, Let’s take a look at what a sample intervention process may look like.

Sample Professional Intervention Process

While every intervention is customized for the individual(s) involved, there are hallmark steps that our clinical interventionists take in ensuring success. Here is a sample professional intervention process:

  • Step 1: Background Assessment – The OPG team will first gather relevant background information on the situation, including records or statements from referring professionals, clinical providers, employers, advisors and family/support team members.
  • Step 2: Establishing Intervention Protocol – With a full understanding of the client’s situation, we can generate an initial proposal for the specific intervention protocol, including the type of intervention recommended (invitation vs. surprise), and who will be on the intervention team.
  • Step 3: Preparatory Discussions with Affected Parties – This includes family members, friends, employers and/or advisors to determine points of leverage and establish healthy boundaries should the individual declines support.
  • Step 4: Identifying Treatment Services Offered – Selecting appropriate facility for inpatient treatment, rehabilitation, or outpatient care and determining admission logistics for chosen facility. Establishing follow-up steps regardless of intervention outcome.
  • Step 5: Pre-Intervention Planning and Logistics – Determining will participate in the intervention and how, who will be invited, guidance for writing an intervention letter, if desired
  • Step 6: Intervention Rehearsal
  • Step 7: Intervention
  • Step 8: Follow-up Services –This may include transportation, family coaching, case management or sober companion services.

Our professional intervention teams are here for you throughout every step of the intervention process. While an intervention can be a powerful first step to recovery, it’s important to remember that the individual for whom the intervention is held is not guaranteed to accept the help or change immediately. We help prepare for all outcomes and offer full support with ongoing, long-term services such as family, advisor and employer services to support all who are affected by an individual’s substance abuse or mental health disorder symptoms.

Get Started With a Professional Intervention

If you believe that someone close to you might need an intervention or benefit from any of the services we provide, we encourage you to reach out to us or call 617-910-3940 today to start the process.

O’Connor Professional Group is a concierge service and does not accept insurance. We do help our clients find treatment providers who accept insurance.

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