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O’Connor Professional Group (OPG) partners with organizations to help address the well-being of their employees.

In an era of collective uncertainty, employers are experiencing increasing concern for their employee’s well-being and searching how best to protect its workforce.  Having access to proactive resources to assess needs and acuity is the best defense against the financial, medical and emotional challenges present in our society today.

O’Connor Professional Group has developed its Mental Wellness Check Up to provide employers and their employees access to mental health assessment and recommendations.  Comparable to an annual physical, employees would be provided an annual Mental Wellness Check Up with a clinician, who would ask a range of psychosocial questions to gauge the employee’s overall emotional state and use self-care routines. Based on the results from the Check Up, the OPG clinician would create a series of customized recommendations for the employee to consider. This service can be implemented for an entire employee population, or with a select number of employees who request or seem to need additional support.


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O’Connor Professional Group is a concierge service and does not accept insurance. We do help our clients find treatment providers who accept insurance. 



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