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Accountability and self-discipline are two cornerstones of successful recovery from addiction or unmanaged mental health disorders, but these are also skills that don’t come naturally. Even those who have never struggled with substance abuse or mental illness can find it difficult to control impulses and make responsible decisions all the time. The added pressure of cravings, relapse or mental health symptoms can mean that staying in control of one’s actions is especially challenging. It’s important to understand that transitioning into independent life will come with obstacles like these, and it can be incredibly helpful to enlist the help of professionals to keep yourself or your loved one on track. 

The monitoring services at O’Connor Professional Group are designed to give our clients the freedom they need to explore independent life, while still maintaining some structure and accountability overseen by trained recovery professionals. We offer remote alcohol monitoring, drug testing and financial monitoring as a means of enforcing healthy behaviors in a way that isn’t invasive or distracting for our client. If you or your loved one is transitioning from a recovery program back into everyday life and might benefit from extra guidance, we encourage you to contact O’Connor Professional Group to learn more about the services we can offer. 

Community-Based Alcohol and Drug Testing

Tracking substance use after recovery treatment serves two main purposes: first, it gives those in recovery a concrete reason to stay sober; and second, if relapse does occur, it allows an individual’s care team to respond quickly and effectively. O’Connor Professional Group provides alcohol and drug testing with a community-based approach, which means we can supply our clients with the tools they need to self-report; we can send professional team members to our clients’ homes to collect necessary samples at times that fit their schedule; or we can partner with local care providers to coordinate monitoring and testing services. It is our mission to make sustainable recovery easy and attainable for you and your loved ones, so we aim to provide our services in ways that are as discreet and convenient for you as possible. 

Alcohol Monitoring

Alcohol monitoring is self-administered by clients using a specialized remote breathalyzer device. As the client uses the handheld breathalyzer, the device captures a photo of the individual so we can ensure that they are performing the test on their own person and as directed. The photo is uploaded to a website along with the results of the breathalyzer test. The website is monitored by the client’s assigned OPG case manager, who will also receive a text message if the client misses his or her scheduled testing time or if the result reflects alcohol use.  

The assigned case manager works one-on-one with each of their clients to develop a regular testing schedule that fits into their everyday routine. We also offer the option to include random testing, and can work with clients to adjust their testing schedules for appropriate and previously discussed reasons like job adjustments, school schedules or traveling. Our services are available after hours and on weekends and can be provided remotely or locally. 

The real-time feedback generated from these tests allows our case managers to identify a relapse in a timely manner and implement additional services and/or a crisis plan as soon as possible. It also provides our clients with structure and accountability, both of which are known to help extend recovery by instilling a sense of purpose and setting attainable goals.  

Drug Testing

OPG ensures that our drug testing services are thorough and effective. We first work with each client to determine the type and frequency of drug testing that will be most appropriate. Our consulting psychiatrists or the client’s treating psychiatrist will review their drug-use history and select drug panels that fit their past use profile.  

OPG team members will meet clients in their homes to collect urine samples, ensuring that their privacy is maintained while our monitoring services are in effect. Our team will then oversee the testing of the samples and monitor the laboratory results, and update the client’s treatment team. For clients who have a local clinical team and would prefer to use a local lab, the assigned OPG case manager will work with the treating clinical professional to select appropriate testing panels, find a laboratory, obtain testing results and distribute results to the treatment team. 

OPG offers flexible drug-testing solutions in the community, after hours or during weekends and even during client travel. We ensure that your recovery experience is as seamless as possible, and we want to make staying sober the easy choice. We are prepared to work with each client to create and maintain a monitoring program and schedule that will make sense for their schedule, lifestyle and needs. 

Financial Management

It’s common to struggle with finances during and following addiction or mental health concerns. Financial difficulties are a textbook sign of substance abuse or process addictions, in particular — the compulsive need to use drugs or alcohol, or to gamble or shop or otherwise, outweighs an individual’s ability to make responsible financial choices. Often, large sums of money will be spent on a substance or a process throughout active addiction. At O’Connor Professional Group, we can help our clients get back on their feet financially with careful budgeting, and we can also instill good spending habits over time. Our financial monitoring services are designed to guide our clients as they adhere to budgets or manage their finances while becoming accustomed to independent life. 

Clients’ families and/or financial advisors can partner with the OPG team to create better oversight of the individual’s spending. Our available services allow families and clients to focus on the healing process, instead of worrying about or dealing with funding issues. We want to make the entire recovery experience as stress-free as possible, and helping you or your loved one stick to a financial plan is a service we provide to take the burden away from our clients and their families. 

Financial management with OPG can include a range of approaches. Our team works with each client and those close to them to determine which services or combination of services will be most effective. Some of your options include: 

  • A separate bank account for the client 
  • Expenditure tracking 
  • Monthly receipt tracking 
  • A limited credit card (can set monetary caps, limit or prohibit spending at certain times of the day or in certain locations) 

We can also work with our clients and their families to help them learn more about appropriate budgeting and spending in general. Additionally, we offer wealth advisor and trustee support services and often work with clients’ financial support system to set healthy boundaries and restore effective financial relationships. 

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