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O’Connor Professional Group (OPG) Therapeutic/ Sober Companions provide individuals with support to maintain independent, productive lives. Our companions can respond rapidly to client needs, offer intensive support, stabilize individuals in crises and empower change while seamlessly blending into social and professional circles. They work collaboratively with treatment teams and are closely supervised.

Our Services Address

  • Mental Health Issues
  • Substance Abuse and Other Compulsive Behaviors
  • Eating Disorders
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Special Needs
  • General Mental Wellness and Life Transitions

Behavioral Health Navigation™ Services

Case Management and Care Coordination

  • Coordination of medical, psychiatric, educational and other relevant providers
  • Facilitation of communication between providers and family members
  • Creation of short- and long-term goals, monitoring of progress
  • Interface with insurance companies

Distribution Advisor Services

  • Information gathering from trustee, family members, and other relevant professionals
  • Consultation with the individual who has a behavioral health issue, autism spectrum disorder or other special need
  • Creation of a plan to address holistic needs of individual
  • Recommendations around terms of financial support to trustee, family members, financial advisor and other relevant parties
  • Ongoing monitoring of the individual and reporting of progress to advisor team


  • Gathering of information from family members, therapeutic, medical, educational and other relevant providers
  • Development of a holistic care plan to include educational, clinical, vocational, medical, social, recreational and independent living skills resources

Placements into Therapeutic Schools, Rehabs or Other Programs

  • Review of clinical history with family members, client, relevant educational, clinical, medical and other providers
  • Selection and facilitation of admission into appropriate inpatient, residential, therapeutic boarding school, transitional or other housing program


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OPG services are not covered by insurance.