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Webinar – Mental Health Treatment: The Role of Relationship-Centered Care

Apr 8, 2021


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O’Connor Professional Group Webinar – Collegial Conversations with Diana Clark – Mental Health Treatment: The Role of Relationship-Centered Care

In this Collegial Conversation with Diana Clark, host, Diana, is joined by special guest, Virgil Stucker, to discuss the importance of relationship-centered care for mental health treatment. In this collegial conversation, Diana and Virgil discuss treating the patient as a whole person, when it is okay to be vulnerable with the patient, and how to form healthy relationships with patients.

About the Guest: Virgil is a visionary, mission-focused, non-profit leader with 30 years of experience focusing on the healing power of community, creativity, and philanthropy. He has served as Executive Director and President of seven not-for-profit organizations and founding board member of several others. Virgil was also a turn-around agent for a health care system, a professor for master’s students in philanthropy and is a consultant to other visionaries. He helps good people and organizations accomplish great things through philanthropy and helps distressed families to find a recovery path for their loved ones with mental illness. ​ Mental Health Experience Virgil was President Emeritus of the CooperRiis Healing Community in 2017 after serving as founding Executive Director from 2003. Now that the leadership transition is complete, his therapeutic consultation practice is his way of continuing to improve mental health care, his career-long mission.

He and his wife Lis have integrated their lives with therapeutic communities since they met in 1975 at Gould Farm; his leadership roles there included being founding Program Director of Gould Farm’s Boston Program. Next, he was the founding Executive Director of two other therapeutic communities; Rose Hill Center in Michigan and Gateway Homes in Virginia. (He has also enjoyed informal associations with Spring Lake Ranch and Hopewell Inn throughout his career.) Virgil has helped hundreds of families access mental health care for their loved ones.

Watch the full relationship-centered care webinar below. Access Virgil’s Healing Community Matrix here.


We hope you’ve found this webinar on the impact of attachment disorders helpful for you and your family. If you would like additional help with finding the appropriate mental health support for your loved ones, please contact us today for a consultation.

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