[Video] Feeding the “Recovery Wolf” – The Science Behind Practice Makes Perfect

When you practice something again and again it becomes habit. Your brain reorganizes itself to embed any new practice – whether it be math, yoga, or addiction recovery- within its memory, allowing that practice to become more easily accessible. Diana Clark, our Director of Family Services, explains the science behind practice makes perfect and how […]

Chris O’Connor Discusses the Importance of a Therapeutic Alliance

Elite Daily, popular online news and blogging site, has recently published this article written by Chris O’Connor detailing a personal story of effective therapy as provided by OPG friend, Dr. John Halpern at McLean Hospital . The Right Therapists Don’t Just Talk and Listen, They Save Lives

Substance Abuse in the Workplace: Considerations and Solutions

OPG’s Arden O’Connor teamed up with Bill Messinger to highlight the facts and issues associated with chemical dependencies in the workplace. The article addresses signs and symptoms of dependency in employees and offers advice for potential courses of action that an employer may take to bring about a positive outcome for all parties involved. Scope […]

[Video] Arden O’Connor & Zack Faas: Presentation on Eating Disorders with Co-Occurring Substance Abuse

OPG’s CEO Arden O’Connor and Clinical Coordinator Zack Faas recently gave a presentation on how OPG’s case management services have helped clients with eating disorders and co-occurring substance abuse issues. They reviewed some of our consulting procedures for helping families facing these challenges, and some case examples detailing how our case managers work with such […]

Smoothing the transition from addiction treatment to daily life

Return to reality – Now what? This post originally appeared in September 2014 at For almost all families, 28 days in treatment passes far too quickly. It seems like you’ve just breathed a sigh of relief that your loved one is safely stashed away, and bang! It’s discharge day! Now the hard work of […]

Why affluent adolescents fail to launch

This post originally appeared in July, 2014 at: Being athletic, attractive, socially admired and sought after seem like the perfect solutions to overcoming the angst and insecurities common in the early teen years. It might feel as though you’ve dodged a bullet if your child is one of the popular kids, but watch out. […]

Recovery Coaching for Mothers

Recovery coaching services services remain a little known and underutilized resource in most treatment circles. The mainstream media, though, is becoming increasingly interested in the topic, and two of our case managers recently did a recovery coaching radio show. Although recovery coaching has mainly been covered in the context of a younger demographic of addicts, […]