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What Employers Need to Look for When Employees Come Back From Rehab.

Written by O'Connor Professional Group
Published on August 8, 2018

Going back to work after recovery can be anxiety producing.  If you were abusing while at work you may feel an innate sense of shame.  You may feel the pressure of having to face a rumor mill if co-workers know why you were absent.  Hopefully, however, your work environment is more sophisticated. May it help to know your employer is likely nervous about your return too. As such an employer may implement strategies to lessen conflict such as asking you to sign a Return To Work Agreement which sets out the expectations your employer has for you.

Employers will also be alert for these signs when you return from recovery:

Signs of workaholism or going to extremes to prove yourself.

While some employers will be there for you there are those that strongly feel your addiction is “not their problem” and may tend to harbor resentment about your return.

When an employee is substance abusing there are things employers and co-workers notice that draw attention to whether you may be struggling with an addiction:

  • Frequent tardiness and absences when compared to co-workers.
  • Inconsistent job performance or a declining interest in your job.
  • A sudden dishevelled look or a lack of hygiene.
  • A slow down in work productivity. Struggling more so in the morning hours as you may be more groggy than usual and have difficulty performing your job where you hadn’t previously.
  • A loss of interest in your job details feeling like things you used to do on the job have become burdensome tasks.
  • Frequent small on the job accidents or clumsiness on the job.

Of course, blood shot eyes, alcohol on your breath from the evening before or loss of gross motor skills are all additional signs an employer may look for when you return to work from rehab. If you work for a private company which is generally smaller in nature and you have developed a personal friendship with the boss chances are your seguay back into work will be less anxiety producing.  As you return to work try to keep in mind as stressful as it is for you returning to work it can also be stressful for your employer. Knowing this will help take the edge off of your return to work and the transition should automatically be smoother.

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What Employers Need to Look for When Employees Come Back From Rehab.

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