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Monitoring Services: Relapse Prevention At Its Best

Written by O'Connor Professional Group
Published on August 10, 2018

Relapse is the great fear of anyone who fights for their life through recovery. Substance addictions hold the greatest threat in relapse. Mood and personality disorder relapses can result in uncomfortable symptoms which cause dysfunction in daily life. After working so hard, coming so far, and making such progress, the looming threat of relapse is intimidating and discouraging. Mistakenly, people believe that relapse is inevitable or “part of the process”. This is a dangerous fallacy. Relapse does not have to be part of the process of recovery from substance addictions or other mental health issues. By building a healthy and sustainable recovery lifestyle, supported by the services offered by O’Connor Professional Group, relapse can be prevented for a lifetime.

The early years of recovery have the highest risk for relapse as the brain is still closely familiar with the way life used to be before the changes of recovery took place. O’Connor Professional Group team members help families and employers create the best possible track of treatment options for individuals who are in need of care. Monitoring services can be a stand alone form of treatment support or part of an overall treatment plan. During treatment stages and after formal treatment phases are over, monitoring services are a proven practice against relapse.

One of the greatest threats to sustained recovery is honesty. The brain is actually wired to prefer lying. Once one lie is told, the brain latches onto it, as well as the rewards which are being reaped from the lies told. Honesty is best maintained through accountability, which is the primary function of monitoring services: to uphold accountability.

Our monitoring services go hand in hand with our Case Manager services. Some of our monitoring services can include:

  • Remote breathalyzing tests which sends photos of readings to OPG team members and alerts Case Managers when a scheduled test has been missed, or the test results are positive for alcohol
  • Working with local laboratories and psychiatrists to schedule regular drug testing; sending results to Case Managers; and sending information to the entire team
  • Offering local community based solutions for drug and alcohol testing
  • Providing financial management and monitoring by observing spending habits, setting budgets, watching expenditures, and providing receipts as well as reports

Let the O’Connor Professional Group take the guesswork out of putting a treatment plan together. Our combined personal and professional experience empowers us to empower you with a private consultation and customized plan of action for getting the help you need. Call us today for information: 617 910-3940

Monitoring Services: Relapse Prevention At Its Best

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