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Making Treatment Manageable: A Case Manager’s Role

Written by O'Connor Professional Group
Published on July 23, 2018

Clinical diagnoses can be simple or complex. It has come to the attention of most treatment providers and professionals in the field that diagnoses are rarely singular. Today, dual diagnosis has become common enough to be the new normal. Substance use disorders are frequently co-occurring with mood or personality disorders. Mood disorders and personality disorders often go hand in hand. When a loved one or an employee have a complex case, it is important for their case to be managed professionally and efficiently to ensure a smooth recovery process. Complex cases result in a wide-ranging clinical team that can include physicians, psychiatrists, therapists, insurance companies, treatment center professionals, and more. For the people who love and care for an individual seeking recovery, juggling all the puzzle pieces of their care quickly becomes overwhelming. All of the other details of a loved one’s case can be left to a case manager.

O’Connor Professional Group offers Case Management and Care Coordination Services to help facilitate the many components of a comprehensive treatment plan. When a client chooses not to attend a traditional treatment center nor follow a traditional route, there are a wide variety of professionals involved. OPG helps create treatment plans which meet the specific needs of each client’s life. Having a professional case manager keeps information in a centralized location, always up to date, and facilitates communication with other team members. Our case managers keep everyone in communication from employers to providers, advisors to trustees. Whether in person or remotely, an OPG Case Manager works diligently to maintain the integrity of a client’s treatment plan so that every member stays focused on helping a client recover.

Case managers work by staying up to date on all of the client’s treatments, therapies, and needs. Clients and all of their providers keep contact with the case manager to report progress, needs, and goals. Goals are one of the more unique responsibilities of a case manager. Case managers set long-term and short-term goals to keep everyone on a client’s team working toward progress, marking achievements, and celebrating milestones. Together, a case manager, client, and team achieve success in recovery.

Let the O’Connor Professional Group take the guesswork out of putting a treatment plan together. Our combined personal and professional experience empowers us to empower you with a private consultation and customized plan of action for getting the help you need. Call us today for information: 617 910-3940

Making Treatment Manageable: A Case Manager’s Role

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