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How To Take A Digital Detox: Part One

Written by O'Connor Professional Group
Published on May 7, 2018

Whether you currently meet the criteria for a full blown social media addiction or you feel that you need a little more space between you and technology, a digital detox is a healthy practice to routinely take. There is little arguing that we live in a technology saturated world, heavily laden with digital dependence. Nearly everything about our daily function includes a digital device, from smart phones to smart watches, smart televisions to our everyday computers. Though our technology is becoming smarter, we haven’t necessarily become more smart about our relationship to it. Which is why taking a digital detox once in a while is one of the smartest things we can do for our physical and mental health. Plentitudes of research have indicated that spending too much time interacting with our digital devices puts a strain on our health. Everything from depression to anxiety, sleep issues to body image issues, and even technology addiction can arise from staring into our small box screens too often. If the mere thought of taking a digital vacation sparks a rush of adrenaline and anxiety through your system, you’re in desperate need.

Start by taking an honest inventory of your relationship to digital technology. Naturally, there is an app for that. Monitoring apps can help you get a clear look at how much you are interacting with your digital devices. To start making space, try keeping a notebook or journal with you for a week and keep track of how often you reach for your device, how many hours you spend on it, and how you feel after using it. Most importantly, take a look at how you feel before using technology. Are you reaching for a digital device out of boredom? Trying to numb uncomfortable feelings? Or escape an uncomfortable situation? If you aren’t reaching for your device out of necessity, you need to evaluate how you are coping with stress in your life. Digital interactions may feel like a solution, but are actually stressing your body and your brain.

After evaluating your relationship to digital technology, you can decide how you want to take a little detox vacation from it. If your job and parts of your life rely on communicating through a digital device, you may not be able to detach from technology entirely. There are ways to plan a digital detox which will still give you the relief you need.

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How To Take A Digital Detox: Part One

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