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How To Take A Digital Detox: Part Two

Written by O'Connor Professional Group
Published on May 8, 2018

Now that you have evaluated your relationship to digital technology and you are ready to start incorporating digital detoxes, you need to plan exactly how you are able to take a break from screen time. Since the world we live in today is heavily technology dependent, separating entirely from your phone or other devices isn’t something you might be able to do regularly. On vacations and other pre-planned days, try to make a point of total separation whenever possible. In between, take opportunities to detach from digital technology, with love.


Many of us have turned to using our smartphones as an alarm clock. First thing in the morning, we glue our eyes to our screens- as quickly turning to social media or checking emails as we turn off our alarms. Remedying this is simple: return to the practically archaic practice of using a watch or an alarm clock. Take the detachment one step further. Instead of charging your phone right next to your bed, put it somewhere else in your living space; and, turn it off at night. After waking up, try taking time to journal, say positive affirmations, stretch, or meditate. Don’t turn to your phone until you absolutely need it, or want it.

Day Time

Where can you detach from your digital devices during the day? You can install apps which help block your phone activity. Minimize what you can do on your phone during certain hours of the day while also tracking how much time you’ve spent picking it up and using it. Instill device free breaks during your day where you intentionally take a walk, get fresh air, and hopefully some sunshine without your devices. Not sure how to keep an eye on the time? Your new watch will come in handy for that.

Evenings/ Night Time

Professionals recommend halting technology use an hour before bed time in order to naturally let the brain settle into sleep mode. The blue light behind digital device screens simulates daylight, which stimulates the brain and disrupts your natural circadian rhythm. Turn your phone off and try to limit your time interacting with a computer or television or tablet. Instead, read an inspirational or entertaining book. Journal, do art therapy, or find another activity to fill your time which doesn’t involve a screen.


Weekends are the perfect opportunity to take a complete and total digital detox by leaving your devices behind. Numerous studies have found that where a digital device causes mental stress, spending time outside in nature reduces mental stress. Leave your device behind as often as possible. Take a hike, take a walk, exercise outdoors, or just live your weekend life free of devices. Spend time with friends, spend time in self-care, or however you want to spend your time. Just try to limit or completely eradicate how much time you spend interacting with technology.

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How To Take A Digital Detox: Part Two

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