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A First-Person Account: How Mental Illness Impacted My Success

Dec 5, 2020

Dr. Rosenberg speaks about his mental health diagnosis. At age twenty-six, Dr. Leon remembers going through a month of terrible depression. Six years later, the same thing happened again. Later in life, Dr. Leon finally established his diagnosis of bipolar two disorder. Dr. Leon believes if he had been diagnosed early on in his life, he might not have had so many creative experiences. Although, Dr. Leon thinks that his personal life would not have been as tumultuous if he had been diagnosed earlier. Tune in as Dr. Leon reveals the close relationship he had with his financial advisor. Plus, he advises people on speaking with your loved ones about mental illness.

In This Episode:


  • [00:10] About Dr. Leon Rosenberg. Dr. Leon speaks about his mental illness diagnosis.
  • [06:15] How an early diagnosis would have hindered Dr. Leon’s career.
  • [11:15] The ways that Dr. Leon shared about his mental illness to his financial advisor.
  • [17:45] How family members can be supportive to someone with a mental illness.
  • [23:35] Something to consider.

Key Takeaways:


  • When an advisor has an open personality, it will be easier for their clients to share intimate details.
  • A financial advisor can be an essential ally for someone with mental illness.
  • The conversation about mental illness with your family shouldn’t be hard; it’s a brain condition.
  • Our society treats mental illness fundamentally differently than physical conditions.

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