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Helping Seniors Navigate the Real Estate Market with Adam Hayes

Nov 15, 2023

When an older adult needs to sell their home, they should seek out a real estate agent holding a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation. In the latest episode of Beyond the Balance Sheet, Adam Hayes, owner of Milestones Realty, explains the benefits of engaging an agent holding the SRES distinction. He also sheds light on the challenges older adults might overlook in today’s real estate market. If you are considering selling your home, this is an essential episode you won’t want to miss.

[2:04] Adam describes the difference between a Realtor and a Seniors Real Estate Specialist
[7:59] Adam compares a home to a family member
[9:33] Why older adults need help navigating the real estate market
[14:12] How AI can play a role in deceiving a seller
[21:50] Adam discusses knowing who the decision-maker is
[24:20] Additional ways to protect your client
[29:38] There needs to be a good relationship between the agent and the owner, and getting a qualified agent
[34:29] What Adam has learned over the years

[20:01] Bad actors can steal items from a listed home if an agent is not careful what pictures they include in a listing
[22:12] You must find out who the decision-maker is at the onset of the listing process
[24:44] Pay special attention to the signage used on vehicles coming to the home. Those signs may alert bad actors.

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Adam Hayes has been a Seniors Real Estate Specialist ® since 2008 and the Broker-Owner of Milestones Realty. Founded in 2009, Milestones is a trusted resource for many Elder Law Attorneys. It occupies an unexpected space among real estate brokerages as they focus on serving and advocating for Older Adults and Special Needs Clients.
The genesis for Milestones was the unpleasant experience of rescuing my Dad from an unsafe living situation in 2001. Little did I know that my negotiating and people skills would be demanded just for the seemingly simple act of moving Dad into a Skilled Nursing Facility.
My wife and I spent three months and several thousand driving- miles dealing with concerns, repairs, clean-outs, and other assorted loose ends. Years later, I thought, I’d been in training my whole adult life for that Olympian task, and nothing truly prepared me for the energy drain of helping him.
I bring an “insider’s empathy” to the equation and meet clients where they are emotionally and physically with unwavering respect for their tolerances and abilities.


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