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Recovery for High Performers With Mike Holloway

Nov 22, 2023

Futures Recovery Health provides high-quality mental health services, including a program for the wealthy, on a 10-acre property in Tequesta, Florida. In this episode of Beyond the Balance Sheet, CEO Mike Holloway explains the origins of this family-owned enterprise and the reasons behind its out-of-network model. Mike describes the facility, the factors that make it a premier mental health facility choice, the care provided, and the importance of family involvement. If you or someone you know is suffering from a mental health disorder, this episode is for you.

[1:41] Mike describes his roles in his different family ventures
[4:40] Mike shares the conception of Futures Recovery Health
[8:03] Mike discusses private pay versus network-based insurance
[12:07] Mike talks about serving affluent families and getting them to own their recovery
[19:46] What happens at intake throughout the program
[22:46] Breaking down the stigma of mental health and new programming provided through Futures other ventures
[28:47] Mike challenges listeners to keep an open mind on new approaches to mental health care

[11:29] Futures provides an array of amenities not generally provided by a network-based insurance model.
[17:29] Securing the support and agreement of the patient’s family is crucial.
[20:26] A primary case manager and therapist will be with the patient during their entire stay at Futures Recovery Health.

Beyond the Balance Sheet Website
Futures Recovery Healthcare – Website

Michael Holloway currently serves as the President of GMH Ventures, the alternative investment arm of GMH Associates, Inc. GMH Associates was founded in 1985 by his father, Gary Holloway, Sr., and is the parent company for GMH Ventures and GMH Communities, a fully integrated commercial real estate company led by his brother, Gary Holloway, Jr. Michael helped start GMH Ventures in 2008, with Dennis O’Leary and became President upon Dennis’ retirement in 2016. Since its inception, GMH Ventures has made investments in various strategies and companies, including the likes of Security Networks, GMH Mortgage Services, Dynamic Healthcare Services, US Auto & Home, Kinetiq, Spirence, and Futures Recovery Healthcare.
Michael also currently operates as Chief Executive Officer of Futures Recovery Healthcare. Futures is an accredited, dual-licensed behavioral healthcare provider in Tequesta, FL. They offer multiple pathways to recovery for primary mental health and primary addiction with co-occurring mental health diagnoses through evidence-based medicine and research, compassionate alliance, and individualized care. Specializing in treatment for behavioral health, including trauma and chronic pain for adults, Futures uses a holistic approach that integrates somatic medicine, psychotherapies, and physical therapy & wellness services.
Michael brings financial and operational experience and strong leadership capabilities to the team at Futures. His strategic guidance, unwavering commitment to ethics, and family-centric values have propelled Futures to its reputation as a trusted provider, successfully attracting and retaining the industry’s top talent. Michael’s collaborative approach in working with his team has allowed Futures to anticipate the ever-changing need in behavioral healthcare, which has led to innovative programming and interventions for clinical practice that exceed industry standards.


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