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Life as a Sex and Intimacy Addict: One Man’s Honest Account with Steven Wolt

Sep 20, 2023

Today, Steven Wolt is on a mission to support men dealing with sexual addiction. His life turned downward when he became ensnared by pornography, which ultimately resulted in the loss of his job. Presently, Steven is on the road to long-term recovery and has established Valor Recovery to aid other men grappling with this addiction. Engaging with a community of men who openly share their experiences has proven beneficial in helping many individuals address their feelings of shame. Steven’s counsel is straightforward: Don’t endure this struggle in isolation; resources are available to overcome these challenges.


  • [02:14] Steven talks about his mission to shine a light on sexual addiction and how he started on this journey
  • [04:05] Steven compares his sexual addiction to cocaine and how he spiraled out of control
  • [07:37] Steven lost his career and ultimately lost everything before he began to work on his addiction 
  • [09:44] Admitting he used cocaine did not have the shame that his sexual addiction did
  • [11:10] Valor Recovery meets men where they are, and they have safety in discussing their addiction. How a husband’s watching pornography affects his wife
  • [14:32] Steven shares the three parts of how he reached recovery
  • [17:33] The worst thing that happened to Steven was the best thing that happened to him


  • Watching porn can be habit-forming.
  • When the Internet became available in the privacy of one’s home, watching pornography was easy, and sexual addiction became pervasive. 
  • There is help available for men who want help with this issue.


Beyond the Balance Sheet Website

Valor Recovery Coaching


Steven Wolt is an influential healthcare entrepreneur with a passion for breaking down barriers, reducing stigma, and improving behavioral health outcomes.  He is a leader with the superpowers of vulnerability and courage and inspires others with his mental health journey.  

In July of 2023, Steven founded Valor Recovery, a specialized recovery coaching program for men to overcome compulsive sexual behaviors, porn abuse, and intimacy issues.  Valor Recovery is a peer-based recovery support system that significantly improves outcomes and enhances the effectiveness of clinical care and treatment.  Valor Recovery certified and credentialed coaches are in long-term sexual recovery.  The strength and uniqueness of this program are these shared life experiences that help to create psychological safety, empathy, and meaningful connection that significantly enhance the client’s recovery journey.

In 2017, Steven founded Veritus, the nation’s first telehealth intensive outpatient program for substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health.  Veritus had a program specifically for licensed healthcare professionals, primarily physicians and nurses, and another program specifically for lawyers and judges.  From an idea of a piece of paper long before COVID, to partnering with one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious treatment providers, Freedom Institute, Veritus helped to eliminate the barriers many licensed professionals experience from getting the help they need.  


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