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My Bipolar Mother – Silver Linings with Michelle Dickinson

Sep 27, 2023

Michelle Dickinson has had a challenging life but has used her experiences to become a source of inspiration and support for others dealing with bipolar disorder, depression, and victimization. Her journey from growing up with a bipolar mother to overcoming depression after a divorce is undoubtedly a testament to her resilience and determination. Michelle’s story provides a safe place for those persevering through a difficult journey.


  • [01:30] Michelle tells her story of growing up with a bipolar mother
  • [04:04] Michelle explains how her background informs what she does
  • [05:43] Michelle discusses the word resilience and the tools she uses to help clients
  • [09:00] She explains why her book was called Breaking Into My Life
  • [11:39] Michelle talks about being the victim
  • [14:19] Michelle advises listeners to ask questions that can help define them and put them in the right direction


  • Michelle provides a safe place for people to share their deepest secrets.
  • If you live as a victim, you hold onto that identity and don’t move forward, and you don’t take ownership of your life.
  • If you approach an issue with the mindset that there is something to gain and learn from, it’s easier to navigate challenges that come your way.


Beyond the Balance Sheet Website

Michelle Dickinson – Website

Ted Talk – YouTube

Breaking Into My Life Book Trailer – YouTube

The Book: Breaking Into My Life


Michelle is a Resilience Visionary, Workplace Resilience Coach, TED speaker, and bestselling author. She revolutionizes mental health by championing emotional well-being, self-reliance, and personal mastery. Through captivating storytelling and practical strategies, she empowers individuals to recognize their power and lead fulfilling lives. Michelle’s influence extends to education, Fortune 500 companies, and first responders, transforming workplaces, schools, and emergency facilities into resilience incubators. She inspires a movement of resilience and challenges traditional leadership paradigms, guiding individuals to uncover their potential.


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