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Psychological Assessments and Cognitive Testing with Dr. Colleen Jackson

Jan 3, 2024

Dr. Colleen Jackson discusses cognitive testing in a way that makes it easily understandable, alleviating any apprehension associated with the assessment. She starts by distinguishing between neuropsychological testing and cognitive assessments. Colleen shares insights into her approach and describes the valuable information that can be obtained from the testing process. Emphasizing a holistic perspective, she looks at an individual’s overall health and well-being when giving her recommendations. Listeners will learn about cognitive assessments and neuropsychological testing to determine whether they might benefit a loved one.


  • [2:11] Colleen begins by describing the difference between neuropsychological testing and cognitive assessments
  • [4:17] Colleen explains what the tests look like from a client perspective and what is involved
  • [7:36] Colleen talks about how a family member can encourage a loved one to seek a provider and what is learned through the testing
  • [12:06] Colleen discusses older adults, specifically 
  • [16:06] Colleen refers to different treatment protocols based on test results
  • [20:25] Colleen ends by discussing other illnesses that can impact mental health or cognitive impairment


  • [2:01] There is a difference between neuropsychological testing and cognitive assessment
  • [7:27] There are some tips that family members can use to encourage a person to seek a provider
  • [11:44] You can identify different conditions or illnesses through testing.


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Dr. Colleen Jackson received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Connecticut. She pursued a clinical internship in clinical neuropsychology and dementia clinical research at Rhode Island Hospital through the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, followed by research postdoctoral fellowships in the National Center for PTSD and the Translational Research Center for TBI and Stress Disorders at the VA Boston Healthcare System. After completing postdoctoral training, Colleen assumed a staff neuropsychologist position at the VA Boston Healthcare System, where she was involved in direct clinical care, clinical supervision/mentorship, and research. Colleen served as the Chief of the Neuropsychology Clinic in the Department of Neurology at Boston Medical Center prior to establishing her private practice in 2022. Colleen conducts clinical neuropsychological evaluations with adults presenting with cognitive concerns associated with neurodevelopmental disorders, neurodegenerative conditions, acquired brain injuries, substance use, and psychiatric conditions. Colleen approaches clinical care with a tailored focus on the client’s cognitive and psychological needs, individual strengths, and personal values.  


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