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There’s an App for That: AI and Mental Health with Dr. Sera Lavelle

Dec 27, 2023

Dr. Sera Lavelle has a unique perspective on therapy and technology, specifically artificial intelligence (AI). Dr. Lavelle, owner of New York Health and Hypnosis and Integrative Therapy and founder of Bea Better Eating, shares insights on how AI has influenced her practice and discusses the pros and cons. Dr. Lavelle talks about the various apps designed to teach about mindful eating and other disorders. She explains the different components in the guided hypnotherapy recordings as knowledge, motivation, or meditation. Get inspired and learn about different therapy techniques today.


[1:21] Dr. Lavelle talks about the pros and cons of using AI in therapy
[3:00] Dr. Lavelle explains what a therapy app is
[6:29] Dr. Lavelle shares information about the Bea Better Eating app she is launching
[9:51] Dr. Lavelle explains how Ericksonian hypnotherapy recordings work.
[14:19] Dr. Lavelle explains how she got interested in Hypnotherapy, AI, and other technical tools for supporting her therapeutic work
[16:57] Dr. Lavelle talks about the similarities between hypnotherapy and meditation
[19:47] Dr. Lavelle says that hypnosis can be very valuable and not to fear AI


  • [2:55] There are many types of therapy apps online; however, the consumer needs to know who produced the apps and whether they are a licensed therapist.
  • [9:30] Meditation apps designed by a team of psychologists can be helpful for guided hypnotherapy recordings.
  • [12:37] Does Oxytocin work, or is there a better option? Dr. Sera Lavelle shares her unique perspective on this topic and how therapy and technology, specifically online apps, can help. 


Beyond the Balance Sheet Website
NY Health Hypnosis – Website
Bea Better Eating – Website

Dr. Sera Lavelle owns NY Health Hypnosis & Integrative Therapy and co-founded Bea Better Eating. She harbors a deep enthusiasm for the convergence of psychology and technology, driven by a vision to leverage AI to positively reshape the mental health domain. Her contributions have been recognized in reputable publications such as Forbes, Elle Magazine, and Allure. Through a mix of conscious and unconscious techniques, she has guided hundreds to overcome their challenges, propelling them toward a brighter future. A special focus of hers is aiding those wrestling with food-related issues. She believes that by healing this aspect of life, significant progress can be achieved in other areas.
Dr. Lavelle believes that merging psychology and technology can make mental health resources more within reach. While the irreplaceable value of in-person consultations with human psychologists is undeniable, as is the significance of human touch, it’s a fact that they can’t be omnipresent. By offering persistent access to ongoing self-help and psychological enrichment in an intelligent manner, we can bolster the efficacy of in-person sessions. This allows individuals to actively employ newfound strategies to foster change in the intervals between meetings.


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