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Rich and Resilient: How Is It Possible? With Dr. Lee Hausner

Apr 21, 2021

Dr. Lee Hausner is a recognized clinical psychologist, business consultant, and seminar leader. Among her many accolades and professional achievements, she has written a book titled Children of Paradise: Successful Parenting for Prosperous Families. She is also a renowned speaker for Young Presidents’ Organization, World Presidents’ Organization, TIGER 21, and has worked with numerous high-net-worth families. In this episode, she will be talking about her experiences from 30 years of working with families, the values she believes in, and how you can help your client holistically.

In This Episode:

  • [01:50] Meet Dr. Lee Hausner and learn about how she got into her field.
  • [10:52] The specific niche that Dr. Lee Hausner brings to the wealthy families.
  • [14:13] Dr. Lee’s advice on how to handle difficult conversations.
  • [18:43] Is the field changing? How is it changing?
  • [22:59] How you can deal with and engage a family system that is amidst an emotional challenge.
  • [27:51] Dr. Lee’s advice for the listeners.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you want to have a healthy & successful family, you must think about what you’re doing strategically. Consider having a board of directors to think about both your quantitative needs and qualitative relationships.
  • If you know the right communication package, you can get your point across in any way that doesn’t cause anger, resentment, or defensiveness.
  • Stay on top of your game and find the best and most updated solutions or recommendations for your clients.
  • Always look at the bigger picture. Deal with the family system rather than the individual.
  • Nobody can be all things to all people. You need a team that works together and trusts each other.

Meet Dr. Lee Hausner:

Dr. Lee Hausner is an internationally recognized clinical psychologist, business consultant, and seminar leader. Dr. Hausner served 17 years as the senior psychologist for the Beverly Hills Unified School District during which time she authored the seminal work regarding wealth and the family, “Children of Paradise: Successful Parenting for Prosperous Families” and contributed two chapters to the resource guide, “The Stewardship of Private Wealth”. She has co-authored with Douglas K. Freeman, J.D. “Legacy Families: The Definitive Guide to Creating a Successful Multi-generational Family” and “A Founder’s Guide to the Family Foundation”. Most recently she contributed a chapter to “Wealth of Wisdom”.

Dr. Hausner co-founded IFF Advisors a consulting practice providing services for high-net-worth families, family businesses, family offices, and training in the financial advisory field. In this capacity, she was on an advisory board to the private bank of Citibank in New York and has done in-house training for major financial institutions and banks. Additionally, she has been a frequent program resource for the private client meetings of major financial institutions. In 2014 IFF advisors was acquired by a boutique bank, First Foundation. Dr. Hausner and her partner were charged with creating a high-net-worth platform and training the banking colleagues to increase their sensitivity to the unique challenges of the affluent client. Additionally, they created a trust department and a back office for philanthropy Dr. Hausner incorporated a unique six-step transition model for the effective succession of family businesses in her critically acclaimed family business resource book, “Hats Off To You 2: Balancing Roles and Creating Success in Family Business Succession”. She assisted California University Fullerton to create their family business program and most recently helped the University of Southern California establish their family business center and served as the advisor, has developed a two-year curriculum for the member families who joined the center.

She is a frequent guest on national media, a quoted expert in national publications, a keynote speaker for high-net-worth private client conferences for major financial institutions domestically and internationally as well as a highly-rated resource to YPO, WPO, CEO and Tiger 21.

Dr. Hausner resides in Los Angeles with her husband, two married children, and five grandchildren.


Book: Children of Paradise: Successful Parenting for Prosperous Families

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lee-hausner-6b649a18

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