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The Cultural Landmines of Boarding Schools With David Korb

May 4, 2021

In today’s episode, Arden and Diana are joined by David Korb, founder of Commonwealth Student Services. David’s company provides personalized educational consulting and concierge services to domestic and international students. It is dedicated to providing the highest level of tailored services to students and their families to facilitate and enhance their entire educational experience. Listen in as David shares his experiences working and supporting students on campus, communicating with them in a way that they felt heard and seen, and how parents can continue parenting even from a distance.

In This Episode:

  • [00:52] Meet David Korb and his endeavor of institutional education guidance in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • [03:36] The difference on the issues of mental and physical health that impact the students’ pre vs post-COVID.
  • [10:33] The social dynamic between individuals coming from high-net-worth families versus individuals that are on financial assistance.
  • [18:17] Emotional and academic trends with students on campus.
  • [21:08] Tips on how to parent along with boarding schools.
  • [23:44] David tells us about his experience helping a student and their family through a crisis.
  • [27:48] David’s advice for the listeners.

Key Takeaways:

  • Technology has been one of the real driving concerns of anxiety. It’s something that started as a way to bring people together but has ended up dividing them in a lot of ways.
  • Texting can be a great way to check in on students. Going to their level and communicating in a way that they want to is important. These small check-ins can get kids out of the ruts.
  • Even though there are still circumstances of bullying, there’s so much more awareness around it now and schools are open to talk about it which shows progress.
  • Schools need to create safe spaces where all of the faculty are engaged, and the kids feel like they can speak to several people.
  • Approach things with empathy, listen and try to take a pragmatic approach. Try to act in a way that you think what’s the best thing long-term for the students.

Meet David Korb:

David Korb is an independent educational consultant based in Boston, MA. He started his practice catering to international students in 2014 and now works with a variety of students from the US and the world for independent school and college admissions. Prior to educational consulting, he was an emerging market bond trader in New York for many years.

A native of Boston, he has an undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley in political economy. In the spring, he coaches rowing at BC High and is the Program Director of the Buzzards Sailing School in the summer.



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