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Webinar – Managing Anxiety Passed Through Families During COVID-19

Dec 8, 2020


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Anxiety: The Family’s Hot Potato

Between shelter-in-place restrictions, social distancing, health tragedies, business shutdowns, market volatility, and a constant stream of news reports – the COVID-19 pandemic has quickly become a factor in each of our lives. Anxiety, restlessness, irritability are commonly reported by parents and their children clouding the path forward, and being in such close quarters can promote the spread of anxious thoughts and feelings throughout the family. In this anxiety management webinar, please join Diana and Frank for a 30-minute broadcast discussing the ways in which anxiety spreads, is passed around and magnified by family members.
By the end of this family anxiety webinar, you’ll learn tactical tools to better manage this moving forward and reduce the effects of anxiety in your home during the pandemic.

We hope this family anxiety management webinar has been helpful to you! For more personalized support for your loved ones or yourself as you navigate the anxieties of the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact us for more information on our family coaching and mental health support services.

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