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Substance Use Disorder Case Study

This is a hypothetical example based on our experiences. Our clients’ information is held in strict confidence as a condition of our agreements in every case.

Thomas is a 41-year-old partner at a leading financial firm who is struggling with his alcohol use. Thomas has tried multiple times to reduce or stop drinking but has yet to succeed. His alcohol use has started to affect his work performance and is straining his relationship with his wife and children. Thomas’ wife contacted OPG for support around creating a treatment plan and helping to find Thomas appropriate and high-quality care that would give him the best chance for success. OPG conducted a consultation with Thomas and his wife, assessing the history of Thomas problems as well as an understanding of his current struggles. With input from the family, OPG staff constructed a consultation report containing a multi-phase treatment plan to put Thomas on the road to recovery. This plan included:

  • Recommendations and detailed descriptions for three vetted residential programs that OPG determined are the best fit Thomas’ needs and diagnoses.
  • Recommendations for aftercare services upon completion of a residential program.  These Included:  OPG Case Management servicesSubstance Use MonitoringFamily Coaching Services, and recommendations for a for a local psychiatrist and therapist.
  • OPG care coordination services to ensure continuity and communication amongst providers.

Thomas attended one of the recommended residential faculties for thirty days. Upon completing this program, Thomas worked with an OPG Case Manager while his wife consulted with an OPG Family Coach. Each learned how to best support Thomas in his recovery, with Thomas learning the steps he needed to take to continue his care while his wife learned how best to help him (without enabling and while taking care of herself). Thomas began to see a therapist who specialized in substance use disorders. He also met regularly with an addiction psychiatrist. Thomas’ case manager met with him several times each week in the community, helping him work through the struggles of early recovery.

Thomas was able to achieve sobriety for several months, but, did have one instance where he relapsed while in a high-stress environment (several difficult assignments piled up at work and Thomas struggled, out of pride, to reach out for help). During this time, Thomas’ OPG case manager coordinated with his treatment team and implemented a swift response, increasing the frequency of meetings with Thomas’ case manager as well as with his therapist. Thomas was able to re-engage and was soon back on the path to recovery. Thomas continued to work with his case manager as he became more confident in his sobriety and overtime services were reduced to promote Thomas’ independence.

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