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Know Your Worth, Know Your Wealth With Carrie Hausner Casden

Oct 18, 2021


Carrie Hausner Casden is an established business manager and money coach who has been in practice for over 25 years. Carrie opens the show by explaining how everyone has different perspectives and habits when it comes to money; there are especially significant differences between the money mindsets of men and women. If you are going through a divorce or considering divorce, Carrie explains the importance and benefits of hiring a money coach. Tune in as we chat about the importance of a savings account, the complexity of retail therapy, and how to still find joy with spending money.


  • [02:45] Each family member can have different perspectives and habits when it comes to money.  
  • [07:40] Unfortunately, there’s a lot of shame and guilt for women around financial mistakes.
  • [10:00] During a divorce, so many things are happening. Carrie explains why you may need a money coach.  
  • [14:40] Curb emotional spending: how to deal and prevent retail therapy. 
  • [19:30] How to improve your savings while still finding joy in having money. 


  • Some women can spend $10,000 on a purse, but they’re nervous about putting $10,000 into the stock market or investment.
  • Finances don’t have to be complicated; there’s a simple way to do it.
  • A money coach can support you in understanding the financial aspect of going through a divorce. 
  • During the pandemic, people realized that they don’t actually need a lot of stuff. Think about why you are shopping; is it emotional? 


Website – https://carriecasden.com/


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