Alcoholism Case Study

oconnorpg-alcoholismThis is a hypothetical example based on our experiences. Our clients’ information is held in strict confidence as a condition of our agreements in every case.

Thomas is a 41 year old partner at a leading financial firm who has been diagnosed with alcoholism. Financial clients recently informed Thomas’ partners that he appeared overly intoxicated and behaved inappropriately at a closing dinner. Jim, the Managing Director at the firm, did not want to fire Thomas, but had concerns about Thomas’ wellbeing as well as the reputation of the firm.

He contacted OPG for support and accountability for Thomas, and an OPG Interventionist facilitated a conversation with Jim, Thomas, and Thomas’ wife. Thomas agreed to accept help and the following services were implemented:

  • Twice daily remote breathalyzer check-ins, with results delivered to an OPG Case Manager in real time
  • Identification and coordination of an addiction psychiatrist for medication evaluation and individual therapist for weekly sessions
  • Recommendations of professional 12-Step meetings located near the office and expectation of attending one meeting per day
  • Weekly OPG Case Manager check-ins
  • Creation of a recovery contract outlining expectations listed above, signed off by Jim and Thomas
  • OPG Case Manager monitored compliance with the recovery contract and provided weekly updates to Jim

Three months later, Thomas experienced a significant relapse. The OPG Case Manager updated Jim, who insisted that Thomas be referred to residential treatment as a condition of his continued employment at the firm. An OPG Case Manager vetted appropriate treatment options, facilitated Thomas’ admission and was in communication with his treatment team at the treatment program. Jim indicated that after discharge from residential treatment, Thomas will return to OPG services for a period of one year.